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QUEST Speed started over 15 years ago teaching athletes the fundamentals of speed, agility, and explosiveness.  It has evolved into one of the premier sports performance training facilities in Southern California.

QUEST Speed was developed with one purpose in mind; Develop the fastest, most explosive athlete in their sport so that they can compete at their highest level. We don't hide behind degrees, certifications, theories, and being ex-professional athletes. We stand at the forefront of application, science based training.  We train with a mindset of science proven, high intensity training programs that get results.  Our athletes show that when training at QUEST, their level of play, in their sport,  has increased exponentially.  In today's competitive industry of sports performance training there is only one luxury that matters...proven results.

QUEST Speed brings years of education and practical application packaged with specific protocols for each individual athlete.  No one athlete is the same therefore they should not be trained the same.  We have designed protocols for every athlete in every "explosive" sport.  You have heard of the old adeje, "You can't teach speed."  That is simply not true!  Every athlete can become faster.  They just have to be trained properly with the right tools. At QUEST Speed we can make every athlete faster.  At QUEST Speed we can make every athlete more explosive.  We focus on hip strength, mobility and flexibility (probably the most important components of getting faster).  We teach the importance of stride length, stride frequency, and overspeed training.  Combine these concepts with our unique explosive training programs and you have the making of a better athlete.

At QUEST Speed we focus on results.....Not rhetoric.