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The Treadmill:
The high speed, high performance treadmill is the purest form of speed training. This treadmill was specifically designed for overspeed, power, and explosive running. The treadmill reaches speeds of up to 30 mph and inclines up to 30%. This is the most scientific way to teach speed. Protocols are designed for every athlete so that they have their own specific training program to get faster. We use the performance treadmill to train for speed by using all three facets of learning; auditory, visual, and physical.
The Vertimax is what makes QUEST Speed the trailblazer in speed development. Too many performance centers and trainers only focus on making an athlete faster but fail at making an athlete stronger in key areas to prevent injury. The only way an athlete can be explosive and dynamic is to have strength and balance in their core. This balance, strength and flexibility develops speed. The Vertimax was designed to increase hip strength, flexibility, and mobility. We incorporate a hip strengthening, flexibility, and mobility workout into every training program.
Plyo training creates the most explosive athlete. The fastest , most explosive athlete is the one that that can get off the ground the quickest and stay in the air the longest. The most explosive athlete is the one that can generate the greatest amount of force in the shortest period of time. That is plyo training in it’s simplest form. Our plyo training program uses a variety of training mechanisms to improve the “short-lengthening” cycle. These modalities are designed to create quick explosive movements with maximum force and speed strength. Plyo training helps the athlete transfer these movements into speed development.
Strength Training:
Proper strength training is one of the most important components of an athlete’s training regimen. Athletes must be explosive to compete at the highest level. Most athletes and trainers put too much emphasis on how much they can lift. What’s their max in bench, squat, etc.. Although this is an important factor in certain sports, it’s not the most important factor. The most weight that can be lifted in the shortest period of time creates the most explosive athlete (peak force). At QUEST Speed we don’t want to create elephants…. We want to develop cheetahs!Vertima