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QUEST training is unique to every athlete. All athletes are put through a performance analysis that will give us a baseline of their power, top speed, and explosiveness. We then find protocols that best fit each athlete’s needs. Every month the athlete is retested to find out if their numbers have improved and if it is time to move onto the next level. QUEST’s high-speed treadmill has specific protocols to suit an athlete’s speed, ability, and tolerance. QUEST’s plyo program is designed to develop power, explosiveness, and triple joint extension so that it can transfer to pure speed. You pick which program fits into your schedule and needs.
Qwest Speed Beginner


QUEST “Basic” training is for those that are limited on time. This program is for 1 training session/week on the high-speed treadmill

speed treadmill


Quest “Advanced” training is focused on speed development. Athletes will be put through our speed circuit program 2 times/week which includes treadmill training as well as footwork, hip development, and core training.

Quest Speed Elite Trainng


QUEST “Elite” training is for the very serious athlete. The focus will be on speed development as well as power and explosiveness. Training will consist of 3 times/week. 2 days of our speed circuit and treadmill training and 1 day of plyometric training.

Quest Speed Pro Training


QUEST “Pro” training is for that athlete that   can’t get enough of us. The focus is on speed, power, explosion, and strength development. Training takes place 4 times/week. Training consists of 2 days of our speed circuit training and treadmill along with 2 days of plyometric training and strength training. Please call for pricing.

Quest Speed Plyometrics


QUEST’s “Plyo” training is for the athlete that’s the main focus in jumping and explosion.   This program consists of both jump training as well as foot speed movements.   Great for those that play volleyball and basketball. Please call for pricing.

Quest Speed Strenght


Athlete based strength training that focuses on speed, power, and explosiveness